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About Us


Thinking out of the box to solve real-world challenges. That’s our companies goal, 24/7.

Hybrid solution

247 Energy is about baseload energy production, but also allows renewable source (wind/solar) to operate 24/7 as a hybrid solution.

Greener Energy

Our mission is twofold: 1. to reduce greenhouse gasses by supplying greener energy 2. supply energy where it is yet unstable or unavailable. 


Working with us requires no engineering skills, even no CAPEX. We just deliver the energy you need. So you can focus on your business activities.

Lack of access to energy

According to the IIED (institute for environment and development) 1.3 billion people — 20% of the world’s population — have no electricity, and 2.7 billion people do not have clean and safe access to energy for cooking, leading them to breathe in toxic smoke created when burning charcoal, wood, coal or animal waste to cook their food.

Energy access is an area of great inequity. Access to sustainable modern energy services underpins health, education and livelihoods and increases resilience to climate change – yet millions of people have no access to electricity and use dangerous and unhealthy fuels for lighting and cooking.

Renewable energy sources can reduce this inequity partially but a 24-hour power supply can’t be build on non-flexible energy sources as solar & wind energy.

Climate Change & Greenhouse gas emissions

Climate change is compelling us to take action, to reduce our carbon footprint and evolve towards a greener world, one that is also more energy efficient. Affordable low CO2 ermitting energy and security of supply will remain key considerations for consumers and stakeholders.

Inadequate grid infrastructure

A remodeled grid will be needed to facilitate the balancing of associated intermittent flows on the system when the wind isn’t blowing and the sun isn’t shining. Unlike renewable generating facilities, transmission projects can take up to 10 years to complete, from conception through regional planning processes, to national approvals and then ultimately to the construction phase.

Gas is the cornerstone of the worldwide energy transition

Gas, the least carbon intensive of the fossil fuels, will play a vital role during the transition to a greener economy. It enables the development of new decentralized, decarbonized and digital systems:

– in short term, by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving air quality throughdisplacement of carbon intensive fuels, mainly in power production and green mobility;

– in the medium term, by acting as a complement to intermittent renewable energy sources, wind and solar, thanks to the dispatch flexibility of gas-fired generation and a wider deployment technologies such as power-to-gas;

– in the long term, by becoming itself a renewable energy in the form of biogas, biomethane, orhydrogen.