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Off- & On-grid Power

247 builds containerized LNG/H2 power plants

CODIV19 message.

 In these extremely challenging times, we would like to share our heartfelt support and solidarity with you and your families. At 247 Energy, the health and safety of our colleagues, customers, partners and the communities in which we operate is our number one priority. Therefore we have closed our offices till further notice. We are available by phone & email. Thanks for your understanding.

247 supplies electricity, heat & cooling.

Our Concept? A containerized 0.5-2 Mw power plant based on Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) or Liquid H2 to supply electricity, heat and/or cooling used as redundant off-grid solution, low carbon footprint & low running cost. 247 can be used as permanent power source for industrial sites, residential buildings, small remote villages, airports, sea-ports, hospitals, or as solar/ wind farm backup.

247 is your energy supplier

Our business model does not require you to invest or maintain equipment.
Using 247, requires no CAPEX or OPEX. We just bill the consumed energy units.

We reduce CO2 (-100% H2, -25% LNG)

Compared to diesel gen. sets we reduced CO2 emissions by -25% using LNG, produce no NOx and no fine particles.
In case of H2 no CO2.

Off- or On-grid supply of energy.

We deliver energy off-grid to islands and remote villages.

Flexible energy supply, when you need it.

Compared to renewable energy (wind/solar) we deliver energy when you need it and can warrant a continuous supply.
We can work in hybrid mode alongside renewable energy infrastructure.

High availability required?

247 delivers where high availability is a must (hospitals, sea-ports, airports, industry).

No expensive, lengthy construction project.

Our solutions are 100% factory pre-built.
Our setup takes only 1/2 day.

Decentralized Energy Vision

247’s decentralized energy production fits both in existing grids or can operate stand-alone and generate energy for local needs. 247 can also serve as grid-backup when there is no renewable energy (solar/wind) available.