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Maritime deal between Timor-Leste and Australia improves long-term prospect of LNG exploitation

Timor-Leste, or East Timor, a Southeast Asian nation occupying half the island of Timor, is ringed by coral reefs teeming with marine life.  The parliament of Timor-Leste voted in favor Tuesday of ratifying a maritime boundary treaty with Australia that governs how the two countries will share billions of dollars of oil and gas riches lying beneath the Timor Sea. Timor-Leste, one of the world’s youngest and poorest nations, and...
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Kursaal Oostende generates 100% of its electricity/heat/cooling with 247 Energy

The cultural hot spot ‘Kursaal Oostende’ generates since today all of it electricity, heat and cooling themselves. The building (located in Oostende, Belgium) had a grid connection, but selects 247 Energy solution to disconnect from that grid to (1) safe a considerable amount each year, (2) generate own energy (and prevent issues with power shortages in near future when nuclear power plants are decommissioned in Belgium). Kursaal Oostende (houses over...
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247’s compact powerplant patent granted

On 11 June 2019, patent authorities have granted 247 a patent for its compact power plant (1025698). We are committed to deliver innovations in the energy field and contribute to a cleaner energy production infrastructure.
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Drop diesel generators and save 25% … and the planet.

Economical activities in many isolated communities or islands are limited to fishing and small-scale agriculture. While many of these islands have more opportunities, which cannot be exploited due to lack of electricity during the day. Many of these island’s pristine beaches are also attractive for tourism but the potential cannot be developed for lack of power supply. We at 247 Energy believe that with renewable energy (wind and/or solar) combined...
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A lifeline for stranded communities

Cameron Dunn, Arup, USA, describes how smaller, prefabricated tanks could help island nations and remote regions transition to cleaner, cheaper and more secure energy. Around the world, countries have used LNG to help cut their carbon emissions and transition to a renewable-energy future. Yet many communities, such as island nations or remote cities, have been left out. They still rely on diesel or low-grade fuel oil to generate their energy....
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Japan spot LNG contract price falls to lowest level in 18 months

Data released by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) has shown that the average contract price for spot LNG cargoes delivered to Japan in February this year fell to its lowest level since September 2017. Reportedly, the average cost for shipped cargoes last month was US$7.50/million Btu. Spot prices for LNG LNG-AS in Asia have now fallen for 11 consecutive weeks and are down by over 30% from...
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Biggest LNG producers 2018

Qatar (77.2mn tonnes) Qatar exports over 77mn tonnes for LNG annually, more than Malaysia and Australia combined, with 29.9% of the market share globally. Qatargas currently operates 14 LNG trains, helping make the country the largest LNG producer in the world Australia (44.3mn tonnes) Australia currently exports 44.3mn tonnes of LNG per year, but this may be set to dramatically increase as demand from Asia increases, potentially leading to it...
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China is set to dominate rising gas demand…

Global demand for natural gas is forecast to increase at an average 1.6% over the next 5 years with emerging Asian markets as the main engine for demand. China alone accounts for a third of global demand growth to 2022 thanks in part to the country’s “Blue Skies” policy and the strong drive to improve air quality.
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